At Ragazzi Restaurant,

Our goal is to provide our customers with an excellent dining experience.

Whether you choose to dine in our air conditioned dining room or “al fresco” in the front section, our exceptional service, large selection of delicious, fresh prepared dishes, award winning wine list and chic, welcoming atmosphere all combine to make Ragazzi restaurant a memorable night’s dining.

For those of you who imagine Italian – Mediterranean food to consist of pizza, pasta, garlic and tomato sauce alone, dining at Ragazzi will be a revelation.

We encompass the culinary traditions of the whole of Mediterranean, a region diverse in landscape, climate and traditions but blessed with a wonderful array of ingredients and a people imaginative enough to make the most of them.

We source the highest quality and freshest produce from every State in Australia, adhere to authentic regional recipes and we strive for excellence in every dish.

The Management and Staff at Ragazzi share a common goal. “We love being part of a very progressive industry and we are all committed to fine food, exceptional wines, and guaranteed customer service”. We hope you enjoy your evening with us.